Steffen Fritz

pacaudit - v.1.0.1

pacaudit v1.0.1 is ready, install it via trizen and read the man page. trizen -S pacaudit Comments on AUR, github or via email are highly appreciated! Github

mxcheck - a smtpd checker

I needed a tool to check mail servers for open relaying and proper dns settings. There are several web sites providing such services, but I like my tools locally if possible. As I couldn’t find such a tool, I wrote one. You can find it on Github: With golang installed you can go get it with go get Usage is simple: ./mxcheck -t TARGETHOST

roy is in the AUR - create custom signature files for siegfried

I wrote a PKGBUILD file for roy. With this handy tool you can create custom signature files for siegfried, the “signature-based file format identification tool. Install it on Arch Linux with yaourt -S roy roy and siegfried are developed by Richard Lehane. For more info check