Steffen Fritz

Siegfried on FreeBSD

Last weekend I ported siegfried to FreeBSD. Siegfried is an advanced file identification tool, using the National Archives UK’s PRONOM and freedesktop’s MIME-info file format signatures. It’s written in Go and compared to other file id tools pretty fast. The port can be found on github, it is waiting to be added to the ports tree.

Irgendwas mit DH - Mai 2016 - II

DH Box – Digital Humanities Virtual Workbench : “Setting up an environment for digital humanities computational work can be time-consuming and difficult. DH Box addresses this problem by streamlining installation processes and providing a digital humanities laboratory in the cloud through simple sign-in via a web browser” : A blog post on by Tony Hirst : KB Research : Dataset KBK-1M containing 1.6 Million Newspaper Images available for researchers : kbreserach.

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DigiPress - Mai 2016

News from the digital preservation community Euan Cochrane wrote a nice tool for the identification of floppy disk formats from kryoflux stream files: github ffmprovisr - Making FFmpeg Easier: github Tracking versions with PAV: The PAV ontology specializes the W3C PROV-O standard to give a lightweight approach to recording details about a resource, giving its Provenance, Authorship and Versioning. Migrating Files to Preservation Formats - Theory: http://archival-integration.

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