Steffen Fritz

DigiPress - April 2016

News from the digital preservation community W3C - Packaging on the Web: This document describes an approach for creating packages of files for use on the web. The approach is to package them using a new application/package media type The v1 API specification: on Github warcprox - WARC writing MITM HTTP/S proxy: Fork on Github Do Multiple Listeners to the Public Twitter Sample Stream Receive the Same Tweets?

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Open365 - an open source Office365 alternative

eyeOS, bought by Telefonica in 2014, is developing an open source alternative to Office365. It is called Open365 - not that creative. Nevertheless, it looks good, it feels good and there are sync clients for Linux, OS X and Windows. Open365 provides LibreOffice Writer, Impress and Calc, a calendar and an address book. In the next few weeks eyeOS will provide a download and therefore the possibility to have Open365 on premises.

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goml - a machine learning library for Go

When learning a new programming language, you need a project. Here is mine for learning Go. It’s is called goml and one day it will be a machine learning library. Pull requests and comments are highly welcome!